Candy Cotton
As a professional organizer I use my talent and skills to declutter and rearrange spaces, rooms, homes or offices for clients, creating organization out of chaos and clutter.
 I sort through items, documents, photographs, collections, memorabilia, and similar belongings. I create systems and environments which are tidy, organized, clutter-free, and functional. The resulting spaces allow my clients to be more productive, efficient and comfortable.
Services are designed for working parents, career moms, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and empty nesters.

 The journey of organizing as a hobby was in the works before becoming Aligned Chaos in 2018.  I am a very observant person with a natural aptitude for creating and designing. Visualizing a space and imagining how it would appear if I could just make a few changes was the impetus for realizing my purpose. As the owner of a full-service organization company and a highly experienced and organized office professional, I believe everything has a place.

These qualities led me to pursue professional organizing as a business and career.  I have obtained certifications from the City of Memphis and Shelby County government as a Small Business Enterprise. I am also, a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Master of Business Administration. 

  The focus areas of efficiency, functionality, productivity and organizing are imperative to creating an organized space and life. I am proud to lead by the company’s mission to create the process, manage by organization and provide solutions. I am dedicated to organizing your chaos and creating spaces that you will absolutely love. I look forward to working with and meeting you as a future client. 

Denisha George, MBA, Professional Organizer

Candy Cotton

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